Water-based Pu coated

Synergy™ 63-212

"Soft like a Second Skin, Tough like a Leather"

Industry Applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Fruits harvesting
  • Food handling
  • Packaging
  • Dry Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive industries
  • Small components assembly
  • Electronics industries
  • Semiconductor industries
  • Maintenance
  • General applications

Features & Benefits:

100% Waterborne, Odor-free, Silicone-free, Solvent-free, Toxic-free.

Environmental-friendly, Eco-friendly, User friendly.

Polyurethrile™ is our proprietary water-based bi-polymer that combines the best properties of PU(polyurethane) and nitrile for synergistic effect to provide a surface that is mechanically tough, resistant, flexible and soft.

Free from allergenic substances such as dithiocarbamates or thiurames.

Penetration-free & safer alternative to traditional solvent-based PU coated gloves.

Highest score in tactility, dexterity and flexibility.

Snugly and ergonomically fitting like a second skin.